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September 2, 2012
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Re: DBZ Movies and Specials Line-up by MichaelLeeLunsford Re: DBZ Movies and Specials Line-up by MichaelLeeLunsford
(Download to see the characters better)

All the characters in case you don't know them (undestandable for movies and specials) Right to left: Bardock, Fasha, Turles, Daiz, Medamatcha, Lord Slug, Cooler, Salza, Future Bulma, Future Gohan, Broly, Zangya, Bojack, Bio Broly, Janemba, Tapion

because of the nature of this line up, there are a TON of characters I didn't do. Garlic Jr. is a big one since he shows up in the first movie and in a big filler arc, I also skipped the two OVAs "Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans" and "Son Goku and his Friends Return" because I just saw them recently and do not have a high opinion of them.

I could go on about all the characters I skipped, there are some I regret, and some I don't, very sorry if you were hoping to see one that didn't get in.

This is the last of my DBZ redesigns, hope you enjoyed them!

Same disclaimer as always: I always worry about redesigning characters because I'm usually perfectly fine with how they already look, so keep in mind that I don't think my version is any better, I just thought it would be a fun exercise.

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